YARUKI SWITCH Native English Staff (Kids Duo/ WinBe/ Kids Duo International/ i Kids Star)


■Job Description

You will be working at one of our educational brands (Kids Duo/ WinBe/ Kids Duo International/ i Kids Star) as a Native English staff.
Your role may include:

・Engaging children using English in a variety of settings
・Creating exciting and fun, purposeful lesson plans, leading activities/classes and providing support to other staff when they lead activities/classes
・Working as a team and communicating to ensure the best possible experience for children, each and every day
・Supporting school management for smooth operation of the school and facilities
・Meeting and greeting fellow staff, sharing goals for the day, providing support and advice for each other as needed


Schools located nationwide


Working hours vary among brands.

■Working Hours

Core time is listed below, but there may be slight changes between different schools and seasons.

【Kids Duo】
OPEN 9:00 to 20:30
Two shifts, morning and afternoon, 8 hours/day (+ 1 hour break) between the schools open hours. Staff rotate between shifts.

OPEN 10:00 to 21:00
Weekdays: 13:00 to 21:00, Saturday: 10:00 to 18:00
8 hours/day (including 45min break)

【Kids Duo International / i Kids Star】
OPEN 8:30 to 17:30
8 hours/day (+1 hour break)


Holidays vary among brands.


・Staff generally work a 5-day work week (Sundays off plus 1 additional day a week)
・Public holidays, summer & winter holidays, paid holidays and miscellaneous holidays are also included
・Some school events are held on weekends



Base salary of ¥250,000 monthly. Structured pay-rise system and career advancement opportunities based on experience, ability and performance. All new instructors will have a 3−month probationary period (no change in wage).

※Contract Employee (1-year contract is renewable)



Training: Thorough initial training is given to all new instructors.
Transportation Reimbursement: Work related commuting costs are covered
Health Insurance: Health insurance included
Career Advancement: Opportunities for promotion


・Must have a university degree (or be competent in verbal and written English and self-supported for   
 their  working visa)
・Must be a native speaker of the English language
・Must be ready to work as part of a team
・Must be willing to commit for at least one year and the initial training period

・Experience working at Pre-schools, After-schools, or English conversation schools is preferable.

■English Level
・Native English level
(※No Japanese skills necessary)